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I am using DCM in VirtexII device. I feed 40 MHz clock to CLKIN and use
CLK2X output (80Mhz) and CLKDV output (2.5MHz), so these clocks should
be in phase.
Can I feed output from flip/flop clocked by CLKDV directly to FF clocked
by CLK2X without additional constraints except of PERIOD for CLKIN?

The PERIOD constraint propagates to both clocks, but I'm not sure that
path from CLKDV FF to CLK2X FF is checked as well.

Constraints Guide says:

"A clock period specification checks timing between all synchronous
elements within the clock domain as defined in the destination element
group. The group may contain paths that pass between clock domains if
the clocks are defined as a function of one or the other."

Also examples show that it is possible to specify phase shift between
clock and clock derived from this base clock. I think just to check path
between two created in this way clock domains.

So, I think this path is checked, but I'm looking for some confirmation.


Re: Period constraint
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I am not certain, but I think the above text is saying that if you
specify the derived clocks in terms of the starting clock, then the tool
will check paths between the clock domains.  This means you should say
the period of CLKIN is 25 ns and the period of CLK2X is half of this and
the period of CLKDV is 16 x this value.  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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