Partial Reconfiguration, ISE 6.1


has anybody tried the partial reconfiguration flow with the latest ISE version 6.1? Are there any fundamental differences between the actual and previous releases? (e.g the MODE = RECONFIG attribute)

In the assemble phase PAR aborts guiding my design with the message: abnormal program termination (without any further information)

Thanks in advance.


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Christian Haase
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I'm not sure without seeing your design, but the problem may be cause by a know issue we have in PAR for partial reconfig flows. The fix is scheduled for the next service pack (mid October).


Christian Haase wrote:

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Steve Lass

Hi, i'm try to do partial reconfiguration with xapp 290; when i synthesize the project 2 errors occours: error 3317;       3013. Can anyone help me to solve this error? Thanks in advance Antonio

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