Oscillator for Digilent Spartan 3 Starter Kit


Does someone know where I could find a quartz at 100MHz and 200MHz in a socket DIP8 for the Digilent Spartan3 board?

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But I would suggest that you use the 50MHz clock provided with the board and mutliply it with one of the four DCMs to the frequency of your choice.

Kolja Sulimma

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Kolja Sulimma

Do not try to find an exotic and expensive oscillator. Go with standard

40 or 50 MHz and use the DCM to give you the desired > Hi,
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Peter Alfke


Actually Digi-key lists some that are not "exotic" or "expensive" but unfortunately not stocked either. A 100+ MHz oscillator these days is built with a lower frequency crystal and a PLL. Since pretty much all packaged oscillators consist of a crystal and one chip and maybe some jellybean discretes, I don't see where a chip with a PLL to multiply the frequency is more exotic than the generic inverter pack found in the older designs. One reason to use the 100 MHz oscillator is if you need better jitter specs than you could get from the DCM or if you're going to multiply it up further (like 800 MHz).

F> > Hi,


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"Gabor" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news: snipped-for-privacy@c13g2000cwb.googlegroups.com...

Not too much. Can be

a) overtone (harmonic) crystal b) inverted MESA style (available up to 200 MHz fundamental AFAIK)

Regards Falk

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Falk Brunner

It all depend on your perspective. I can get a 50 MHz complete oscillator foe $1.50 (or less). Some people, especially in the Spartan world, think that $5.- is a lot of money... I recently paid $20 for a 10 MHz oscillator from Maxim because it offers 1 ppm accuracy and stability. Peter Alfke

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Peter Alfke

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