demo board under 500usd

Hi everyone,

I am considering to buy a fpga board for less than 500usd , I have looked around and I found 2 board that look like nice : the NIOS II development kit with a cycloneIII-25 that include a touch screen LCD and Spartan-3A DSP S3D1800A MicroBlaze Processor Edition

I would like to make some SDR project(i got a demo board of a adc board 16bit/160mhz sampling freq) so i would like a fpga big enought to make some dsp processing I believe the Spartan 3 DSP 1800 is bigger than the cyclone 3 25 so i think i will have more logic to make bigger design and also the xilinx kit include a 1gbit connection that might be usefull to transfer data to a pc

Does someone have any feedback on those boards?? which fpga is bigger?

thanks you


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If I were going to start playing with FPGA based SDR, I would get a Quicksilver board.


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