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Do you have experience with nios2 and a specific terminal (hyperterminal, tera pro, or others) ?. I have problem to only have an easy printf message !!....

I 'm using Stratix(10) Altera Develop KIT with UART "console" DB9. I'm using example 'standart' (this example have an uart) In the Nios software I'm using example 'hello_word".

jtag_uart is OK, I receive this message 'hello_word' in the NIOS IDE console.

How could I obtain this result with "uart" and a terminal. How can I do choices ('jtag_uart' and/or 'uart') to write this message ('IDE console' and/or 'terminal') ?. (for example options in properties of system library => std_out, std_err, std_in)

When I'm trying this example with UART, I have two result :

=> if I don't connect first the COM of the terminal: nios2-terminal: connected to hardware target using UART on /dev/com1 at 115200 baud nios2-terminal: (Use the IDE stop button or Ctrl-C to terminate) => if I connect first the COM of the terminal : nios2-terminal: can't open uart: Permission denied (So I'm using COM2 as terminal, and I connect the cable to this COM2, and I configure the properties of system library as COM1. )

(no hardware problem with RS232 câble, loopback test is OK with pin 2 and 3 of DB9).



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HB schrieb:

check also

normal printf goes to stdout, this depends on the settings in system library properties (stdout). if a special device should be used then use fopen("device_name") and fprintf(filepointer,...) in your debug settings ( use Run-> debug... ) tab "Target connection", "NiosII Terminal Communication device" and set it to the device the integrated terminal should use. e.g. set it to none if you want to use hyperterminal.

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