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Hi, I 'm trying to use UART with NIOS2 (Stratix). I would like to send a message to Hyperterminal. (not with JTAG_UART, and not with NIOS IDE console)

Could you help me ?. (free example could be perfect !).



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You can write mail and explain your problem to my friend (he is expert for Nios

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Add a UART peripheral to the Nios2, connect the signals to fpga pins, connect these fpga pins to an RS-232 driver chip, connect the driver chip to a serial cable, connect the serial cable to the PC. In the Nios2 software, use your new UART just like the JTAG_UART. On the PC, run Tera Term Pro ("Hyperterminal" is a piece of XXXX, and can easily cause more problems than it solves).

If you need more help, you'll have to come up with far more specific questions, and give more information as to your setup.



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David Brown


I 'm using Stratix(10) Altera Develop KIT with UART "console" DB9. File ".pin" of the Quartus project is ok (only RXD and TXD signals, we don't use CTS etc..). In the Nios software, the test (in 'file.c' => printf "test uart") with jtag_uart is OK, I receive this message in NIOS IDE console.

How could I obtain this result with "uart" and a terminal (now, I'm using "tera term pro" as terminal) ?.

Can I use 'jtag_uart' and 'uart' in same project (Is it an irq problem ?.) ? How can I do choices ('jtag_uart' and/or 'uart') to write this message ('IDE console' and/or 'terminal') ?.

Thanks in adance. BH.

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