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Hi, I'd like to set up block rams(16k) to acts as a ROM lookup table after initialization. After establishing the Memory Area as an FPGA resource there's an option to initialize it by using memory eritor. However, this would be very time consuming, as my memory is 16Kwords deep. Is there some way to just reference an external text file, or excel sheet at least automatically read/paste an external file for this purpose?

and also How to combine both block memory and distributed memory (using lut) to use as one memrory of 16k? that is , I want 2 implenet 2 memory of size 16kX8 in fpga spartan-3 one a6X8 take 8 block ram out of 12 block ram available in fpga? then when I tried to use only LUT as ram of size 16kX8 the resourses are not can u tell me hoe to combine remainning 4 blokc ram and LUTs to implement one more memory of size 16kX8

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selva kumar
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You can initialize the memory from the UCF file. You can write a program which outputs the initialisers in UCF format and paste these into the UCF file.

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Nico Coesel

As far as initializing a memory the .coe file is the most convenient in most applications. You can provide that file when you generate the memory in coregen.

To combine a distributed memory with a bram memory you could generate both parts as separate cores in coregen and combine them with your own logic.

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