Killed a Stratix-II Nios II Altera devkit, How to repair?


to due a unfortunate chain of events, the cooler of the ep2s60 dropped to the right side of the chip and short-circuit an unkown number of lines (could be at least 1.2V and GND). Fuse F3 has been destroyed, so only LED5 was ON; the rest of the board has been dead. I replaced F3 and now the board is trying to program the FPGA from flash (User LED and Flash_CE_n are ON), but it never succeeds. Pressing the button 'Reset Config' turns all LEDs OFF, except LED5. If I press 'Factory Config' after that, the LED 'Loading' turns itself periodically ON and OFF (period is about 15-20 seconds) a few times and finally stops with the LED 'Error' ON (everything else beside LED5 is OFF).

Programming the Stratix-II via JTAG works fine - with the exception that any bus access seems to fail (e.g. a Nios design reacts to the cpu reset button, but after a reset Flash_CE_n turns ON and never turns OFF again).

Unfortunately I have no oscilloscope or logic analyzer at hand to further analyze the problem.

So if you have any hint or advice except buying a new board (which I am already about to do), I am certainly listening.

Thanks in advance, Bernhard Froemel

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Ups, my post was a little premature in retrospective :)

It's been the oscillator ... now everything works again!

Nice greet> Hello,

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Congrats !! I was worried for you and am glad you have the board up & running again.

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