I replaced my NIOS I with a NIOS II and did a simulation. Hummm it seems to take a lot more CPU time with a NIOS II. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Jon Beniston

The wonderful thing about simulation is that it shows you what happens, in detail, in your system for debugging purposes. Things like processor cache initialization, SDRAM controller initialization, and other things required to a get a processor-based system from power-up to main() take a while.

That said we offer two things which you might be interested in if you don't want to see every bit of detail:

- "Simulation" software libraries & crt0 code for use only with RTL simulation (skips lengthy things like cache initlaization).

- The instruction set simulator.

Both of these are described in the Nios II SW Dev Handbook & AN333 (Simulating Nios II processor systems).


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Jesse Kempa

Ok Jesse, come Monday I will look into these things you mention.


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