Nios II dev board

Hi everybody, I started to develop my fir filter with Quartus and Nios II dev board, with an Altera Stratix II EP2S60ES.

The problems are starting now, when I'm loading the .soc file on the FPGA. I put the "other pin's tree-state" option (so MAX processor doesn't reload factory config), but the project doesn't work. I think there are some problems on pin assignments, but I followed the pin tables found on 'Nios II dev Reference Manual (May 2006)'. The board is old, about end of 2004... Is this the problem in your opinion? Can you tell me where I could find old specifications (here I haven't original documentation) on the internet (I haven't found in altera site...)? Or can I missing some important step? (like tree-state buffer for unused pins that isn't showed clearly in documentation).

I don't use Nios processor, I need only FPGA for a fir filter using Quartus II.

Any suggestions are welcome! :)

Thank you very much Dario

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