How to open an ISE 8.1 project in ISE 7.1?

I want to open an ISE 8.1 project in ISE 7.1, but it seems impossible. and there's even no compatibility property in the save option.

My project has verilog, vhdl, schematic and coregen files.


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you cant. recreate the project from scratch and add your files manually if you really need it


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Can I ask why you want to do this?

I have a project I have to update for a client, I was going to use

8.1, but after all the problems people have posted here I think I might be better sticking to 7.1?


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Nial Stewart

Hi Nial,

dont be so afraid of 8.1 - unless you already know why you should stick with 7.1 or there are constraints from your client to use 7.1 I would say the you should be fairly safe using 8.1 for the project.

As 8.x is the latest major version so it is the only one that gets update-patches the issues 7.x had will never get fixed.

but of course make FULL PROJECT ZIP file and move it to other computer, CDrom physical location BEFORE updating a client project from 7 to 8 ! just in case, all brakes in 8.x you can revert using the old one


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thanks to Antti.


I want to do this becasue the project I'm dealing with is a team work. My partner use ISE8.1 while I'm using 7.1 coz it runs faster in my computer. you know, sometimes we have to make a decision between great features and running speed.

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Ricky Su

I guess you need to create a new project and add the source files.

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Fabio Rodrigues de la Rocha


Although known for a long time, In 8.1 these items are not fixed:

-using a loop var with same name more than once (XST answer record 22625)

-nested loops (XST answer record 22066)

Another 7.1 issue was using @* 'wildcard' syntax in always block sensitivity list; this did not work in 7.1, but I've not heard yet if it works in 8.1.


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Jeff Brower

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