I need advice

Hi all,

I will be dealing with two fpga projects for school ; instructer has given some specs about these projects

Could someone please give me some advice on choosing adequate fpga boards for these projects??

  • 200 MHz clock rate
  • 48 pin interface( 8 pin ASCII input, 2 pin handshaking, 2pin clock,
6 pin supply and ground , 20 pin data/address multiplexed, 1 pin data/ address mode, 1 pin analog output, 8 pins digital output )
  • 1 kbit on-chip ROM/RAM
  • 204 Bytes on-chip ROM
  • 1 Mbit on-chip/off-chip ROM
  • 8 kHz digital output freaquency
  • 4000 logic gates


  • the minimum clock frequency for real time operation 200 MHz
  • Number of transistor: 373000
  • Number of pins: 8 data in, 8 data out , 24 pin address. Total 64 pins including overhead
  • I/O frequency 200 Mhz
  • Off-chip memory minimum 2 MB

I will be so glad if any of you can give me some opinion about

appropriate fpga boards for these specs

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