how to use GCC compiler

At president I am doing some projects with EDK 6.3i on Virtex-II Pro under Windows XP OS. I want to use the GCC compiler, so I want to know how to get it,

how to install it,

how to start it and so on. Who has the related reference? Please help me£¡

Thank you! Athena

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Windows XP OS. I want to use the GCC compiler, so I want to know how to get it,

EDK 6.3i comes with a gnu tool chain (containing gcc). You can access it through EDK's xygwin shell. The command is powerpc-eabi-gcc. The official gnu gcc manual can be found at

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(This is version 3.4.3, pretty close to the one supplied by xilinx)

For linking to EDK-built libraries, see the following Makefile:

#begin code CC = powerpc-eabi-gcc BSP = /home/hzheng/work/smctest LINKSCR = $(BSP)/TestApp/src/TestAppLinkScr LINKARGS = -Wl,-T -Wl,$(LINKSCR) I = -I$(BSP)/ppc405_0/include L = -L$(BSP)/ppc405_0/lib CFLAGS += $(I) -O2 SMCFILES = main.o xil_printf.o

all: $(SMCFILES) $(CC) $(L) $(LINKARGS) -o executable.elf $(SMCFILES)

clean: rm -f *.o; rm -f executable.elf #end code

Alternatively, you could try to make your own tool chain, but it's quite complicated, especially if you build it on cygwin under windows.

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Will Hua Zheng

Under Windows, the simplest way to get GCC is to install cygwin

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click on download and follow the instructions. (There is also a Mingw version, but Cygin is significantly easier to set up.)

Once cygwin is installed, run the bash shell. At the prompt, type startx & and a xwindow terminal shell will appear, and you can get at emacs and GCC.

If emacs is (*shudder*) too primitive for you, download (under regular windows), eclipse

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and the CDT extensions. This will give you a highly sophisticated IDE that can compile using Cygwins GCC.

The way I run it is at the xwindow shell, change directory to /cygdrive/c/eclipse (which is another name for C:\eclipse) and run ./eclipse & Eclipse will run as a regular windows program, but it will automatically use Cygwins GCC

Managed C++ projects will customize the makefile for you, whereas the unmanaged projects will let you do the makefile.

Eclipse CDT is a lot easier to use than Visual Studio C++.NET. Using a JNI bridge, you can also toss in Eclipse's incredible GUI and graphical editing toolkits to create your front end.

You can also get kdevelop,et all by getting Cygwin KDE, but in my experience, eclipse CDT is still a better choice.

r Windows XP OS. I want to use the GCC compiler, so I want to know how to g= et it,


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