ISE 8.1 news--BaseX going away, but WebPack gains devices and features

I just found this article by accident, and haven't seen this information widely publicized:

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There won't be a BaseX version of 8.1i. However, BaseX customers still in-warranty will be offered an upgrade to full ISE Foundation for $1495. Alternatively, they can transition to WebPack 8.1i with no loss of functionality.

WebPack 8.1i will still be available at no charge, and will have all the features that BaseX had. In particular, it will support all the devices formerly supported by BaseX, and will also now include the FPGA Editor, ISE Simulator Lite, and CORE Generator.

Disclaimer: that's just what I found in the article, and I have no idea how accurate the information is.


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Eric Smith
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Now including the core generator in webpack would defiantly be a plus :-)




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Simon Peacock

I've some good news to relay on the ISE 8.1 front... I got a beta recently on a DVD... It installed flawlessly on a Knoppix Debian (4.02 I believe) machine. New 2.6 kernels don't seem to be a problem, unlike the horrific installation difficulties of ISE 7.1 with recent distros.

More good news... Webpack ISE 8.1 includes Coregen, and ... wait for it...


(this was mentioned in the previous articles, but I think it deserves more celebration :-)

Plus the ISE 8.1 Webpack now supports the ISIM simulator under Linux, which can now do mixed mode VHDL/Verilog simulations.

I'm guessing the Webpack release will be just before Christmas.


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John McCluskey

So should I assume that since BaseX is going away, that the WebPack will now support System Generator?


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Ryan Jones

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