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Hi Friends,

I am a new bee in embedded systems. My task is to test a filter(low pass) with audio in and out connections of hardware board. I have developed a low pass filter in C and tested it using goldwave(signal processing tool) and need guidance on how to test the same filter with audio in and out connections of hardware.

Thanks in advance. Aamer

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You've left out a bunch of information. Do you get to generate the signal that's input to the filter? What's your sampling rate compared to the filter's bandwidth? What are your accuracy requirements? What are the filter imperfections that you're concerned with?

_If_ your sampling rate is generous compared to the filter bandwidth (there's not a hard and fast number -- see

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and consider all your other constraints), _if_ you get to generate the filter stimulus, _if_ nonlinearities in the filter aren't a big concern, and _if_ you care more about the frequency response of the filter than it's impulse response (ringing), then I'd suggest injecting a swept-frequency sine wave, and looking at the response coming out of the filter. Then you can build up a Bode plot of the filter and compare it to some prototype. But even then you have to know what you're doing if you don't just want an automatic false alarm generator, or an automatic "pass all tests" report generator.

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