help on Xilinx USB download cable


Can anyone tell me how to repair the xilinx download cable?

I have ever bought two USB cables from xilinx, they have been running well. But one day, when I plug the JTAG flyers in/out my evaluation board, it can not be recognized by the computer any more. The power led still be green, which indicate the power is on, but the software can not connect the cable. I suppose I have damaged the cable because of power on-line plugin.

The board is Okay, because it can still be download and debug by other cables.


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The power led is actually controlled by the software in the FX2 microcontroller in the USB cable. So the microcontroller is probably at least partially working.

You might have some luck if you try to force an update of the CPLD inside the USB cable. You can find out how to do this by looking at the following URL:

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Andreas Ehliar

I tried USB software update online, but failed. When connect the download cable to computer, the ISE always ask for update USB software confirmation, so I update it, but no effect result.

I am afraid some protection diodes were damaged, but I am not sure.

Thank you.

Sun Lei.

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