Platform Cable USB & Windows 2003 Server


does anyone of you use this configuration (see subject) to run Chipscope Pro and with a Virtex4 development board?

In my case, Windows does not even show there correct device name in the "device manager". Reinstalling of Chipscope Pro also didn=B4t help.

Bye Helmut

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Hello Helmut, I've faced such a problem - xilinx has changed the device driver on the new usb program devices. if you are using a new usb program device (the one that is connected to the jtag) and your ise ver is older than 8.2 you would probably face this problem.

so either update the ISE version or download the cable's driver from xilinx web.

regards, Guy

Helmut wrote:

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Hello Guy,

thanx a lot for your fast answer. I already use ISE 8.2i Sp2 and ChipScopePro 8.2i. For Win2k and WinXp you don=B4t have to install any additional drivers.

The "Online Configuration Problem Solver" gave this answer: Not all Operating Systems are supported by the Xilinx cables, although the iMPACT software may run on the system. If a custom operating system is being used and compiling the cable drivers are not working a supported operating system may be required. This can be done by dual-booting the workstation or by using emulation software.

And i got a link to

formatting link
This company provides the driver for the Platform Cable USB. But I also couldn=B4t figure out, how there website could help me.

There is no hint, that Win2k3 is not supported. But nothing says it will run either! Did you switch to a XP machine like plan to do if all else fails?

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Okay, here are the first steps to hopefully solve the problem. Thanks to the Xilinx Webcase Specialists

  1. Download the zip-file
  2. Overwrite inf file.
  3. ran batch file (according to readme.pdf)
  4. Immediatley new device manager changed from "unknow device" to "Xilinx"
  5. Followed three times "New Hardware found" (manually triggerd, because no wizard appeared).
  6. "Programming cables cables > Xilinx Platform Cable USB" in device manger
  7. Led on cable box changed to green.

Everything seems to be set up properly now. But impact and ChipScopePro still cant find the cable. But maybe the new issues are cause by the fact that I work remote on my server.


-----------snip---------------------------------------- INFO: Connecting to cable (Usb Port - USB22). INFO: Invalid OS minor version = 2. INFO: Cable connection failed.



---------snip------------------------------------------- Checking cable driver. Driver windrvr6.sys version = connection failed. Connecting to cable (Usb Port - USB21). Invalid OS minor version = 2. Cable connection failed.


Bye Helmut

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