Error message in ModelSIM PE

Does anyone know what the following error in ModelSIM means?

# Loading work.dsss_modem_cosim(structural) # Loading work.prbs(behavioral) # ** Error: bad arg: "48522 # Executing ONERROR command at macro ./dsss_modem_cosim_cw.tcl line


Below are lines 116-134 of the TCL script which the error refers to:

if {$xlcosim_stat==0} { onerror { global xlcosim_stat ; set xlcosim_stat 9; resume } onElabError { global xlcosim_stat ; set xlcosim_stat 9; resume } vsim -t ps work.dsss_modem_cosim_cw -title {System Generator Co- Simulation (from block "ModelSim")} update if {$xlcosim_stat==0} { onerror { global xlcosim_stat ; set xlcosim_stat 9; resume } if [llength [find signal black_box_clk]] {} else {global xlcosim_stat ; set xlcosim_stat 9 } } if {$xlcosim_stat==0} { openWave } }

puts $cid $xlcosim_stat flush $cid if {$xlcosim_stat!=0} { close $cid }

Any help would be appreciated...

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Try: puts $cid "$xlcosim_stat"

If that doesn't work, you need to be sure that 'cid' is the ChannelId of correctly opened file.

The error might refer to the 'flush' command, which is probably not neede as the preceeding 'puts' should emit a newline satisfactorily.

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Talk to the author of "dsss_modem_cosim_cw.tcl"

or work manually from the vsim command line.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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