EPC16 will not Flash Program

I have a design with a JTAG chain consisting of APEXII, EPC16UC88, MERCURY, EPC16UC88.

I have built the design 3 previous times and been able to program my boards, no problems.

Now I have 3 boards, one works fine, one will not accept a .POF file into the second EPC16 part, and the third will not accept a .POF into either of the EPC16 parts.

What happens is Quartus starts erasing the part and after about 45 seconds kicks out with an error "Error Operation Failed"

I would think I have a bad part, but that would mean I have 3 bad parts out of six (and they are ball grids so not easy to swap out).

I think the JTAG chain is OK, I can do .SOF programs and everything works great.

Any ideas on what else to check or try, or could I have a batch of bad parts????

I have tried this under Quartus 2.8 and 3.0. I have also tried using a jam file under MaxPlus 10.2. I have tried it with different length cables from my parallel port, I have tried it with different Byte Blasters, and on different computers.


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Hi I had the same with an EPC2. Take a closer look to the routing of the TDO-Line. This line has no pullup or -down resitor. So this was my problem. The TDO-line was to close and to long by an other clock line.

i hope it helps.


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