AVARICE under windows 2000 question.

Thanks for reading this;

I'm using Averice 2.3 under win 2000 pro.

I attempting to invoke it with the following : avarice --program --file demo.bin --part atmega128 --jtag /dev/ttyS0 :4242

IT sees the JTAG pod but I get the following error: tcp protocol unknown (oops?).

I've tried different port settings, tried adding localhost:4242 etc to no avail.

Does anybody have any ideas?


C.W. Thomas

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CW Thomas
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"CW Thomas" wrote in news:b3916$4270f0ac$3f4163ef$ snipped-for-privacy@MEGAPIPE.NET:

No clue, but, what a fitting name for something to run under Windoze...

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