Altera configuring/programming for FLEX10KE with EPC2 - sof or pof?

I want to configure/program an Altera FLEX EPF10K30ETC144-3 + EPC2LC20 using files I've generated using Quartus for the same devices. I want to use JTAG to interface to the devices using my ByteBlaster II. I have carefully followed all Altera directions in generating the files and designing the circuit with the devices on a PCB. My 2 questions are:

1) What is the difference between "configuring" and "programming" in this context?

2) What file should I use to configure/program? .sof or .pof or both?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I inherited the code and PCB from another team that were using everything successfully. All I'm trying to do is reprogram a new FPGA on the same PCB with the same files. Unfortunately I do not have any contact with that team any more for help.


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Hello Jim,

) Configuring refers to the loading information into the FPGA. Programming refers to loading information into the EPC2 flash memory device.

2) Quartus II software uses the SOF file to configure the FPGA with a download cable. The POF file is used to program the EPC2 device.

Hope this helps. Subroto Datta Altera Corp. wrote:

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Subroto Datta

Thanks Subroto. I'm using Quartus with Byteblaster II to program the EPC2 using JTAG. I have the EPC2 configured (using the .pof file) to then configure the FLEX10K using Passive Serial mode. (I never use the .sof file and I can't talk to the FPGA directly anyways.)

But this is the problem that I'm having now:

The configuration cycle state machine seems to be getting stuck in the Configuration state thereby never getting to the user-mode. I suspect this because my CONF_DONE is low and nSTATUS is high. Also, all my output pins seem to be high (or tri-stated).

The FPGAs were working fine and I hadn't programmed the EPC2 more than a handful of times, but one fine morning it just randomly stopped working. I have other spare boards running the same configuration and code and they've been working fine for over a year.

Thanks aga> Hello Jim,

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