EDK - Desinging system with C++

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Hi Group Members,
  Xilinx claims it supports C++ system design(s/w part ) with EDK tool
I am having virtex 2 pro board from Insight, i would like to design
systems with c++, one way i could think of is by building the c++
appliction on top of c functions given for the peripherals.But in
doing so, if i am not wrong i should have linker script specifying how
to map the data on memory, as a newbie i am not sure how to do that.
My questions are
1.is the linker script the same for both c/c++
2.Is there an advantage in designing C++ applicatoin on top of C
3.Is there any document that details the nuances of how to design
system using C++.

Thank you for your suggestions and replies.

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