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Hi Group, Lately there is a lot of talk about System C, is Xilinx or Altera planning to consider System C. I heard Forge tool from Xilinx is meant for Java programmers to do hardware designs, is xilinx/altera coming up with thier own tool set for doing design with C/C++. having said that I also want to know how complicated/easy it gets to design systems completely using C/C++ and letting the software takes care of diving the system into hardware modules and software programs. Streams C based product from Impulse Tech supports both Xilinx/altera soft processor cores,have anyone designed system with that.

I started working with Virtex2pro ( thats my introduction into the world of FPGAs and embedded systems ) for over a year and now cosidering to start exploring ways to configure FPGAs. Actually I am a student doing my master's so I would like to think about how the growth will be on designing systems with C/C++ - its obvious using high level languages makes life much easier but not sure abt the difficulties your suggestions, criticism are all welcome



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The main problem with C is that it is an 'unconstrained type' language. Java is a better solution as I believe it locks types and forces type conversion. If you think it doesn't matter.. remember hardware executes in parallel... so try debugging it!


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