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I tried to open the example of xapp529.pdf in EDK 3.2.2 but found the following error. Reading MHS file C:\xapp529\system.mhs... ERROR: system.mhs:120 Version 1.00.a of IP type xil_idct not found ERROR: system.mhs:126 Instance xil_idct_1 of type xil_idct is excluded from design

What can I do for this Thanks for any reply

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The first error tells you that it couldn't find the peripheral. The second tells you that because of this, it will simply remove all instances of that peripheral from the design. Is "xil_idct" a custom core? Assuming it is, try to see whether you can see it in the Add/Edit cores tool in XPS. If not, then your peripheral path might be wrong. Look in the Embedded System Tools guide, in the Platform Specification Format -> Load Path. The '-lp' option gives the library path, but you still need to give the Library Name. From personal experience, this seems to be "my_periphs" by default for user cores. I haven't found how to change this, although I figure there must be a way. You can also put your peripherals into a "pcores" sub-directory in the main project directory and it should find it. I also seem to remember that some previous versions of EDK used "my_ip" (or something like) instead of "pcores", you might want to check that.


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