Question about microblaze C complier

Hi all, I hope that some of you that are writing code for the microblaze be able to help with the following question:

Normally C stractures are aligned on a 4 byte addresses boundaries. But usually in communication application there is a need to parse messages buffers with fields that are aligned on a single byte basis. I know on other CPUs that there is a #pragma commands that allow a definition of structures as "packed".

Does anyone knows how to define packed structures on Microblaze C compiler? and if so can you provide an example?

Thanks in advance, Moti.

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For MicroBlaze, maybe.



It's in the GCC manual.

Cheers, Jon

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Jon Beniston

Thanks a lot Jon, I missed that, or maybe I was too lazy to read manual ;-)

Regards, Moti.

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does anyone have a c compiler for the picoblaze?

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