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I am trying to debug a microblaze system with use of the opb mdm device. I am able to connect to the mdm target and after being connected, I start a gdb session:

XMD% start mb-gdb my_mblaze/code/executable.elf

In gdb I do a "connect target" which succeed. Now comes the problem: how to step through the code?? If I try to single step or run the program, gdb looks hanging (the mousepointer changes to an hourglass). I saw in the embedded system tools guide something about "dow", "con" and "stop" commands which are used within xmd. Do I have to run/debug my program from xmd?? What is the relation between gdb and xmd?

TIA, Frank

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Frank van Eijkelenburg
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It should not run away from you if you've got the checkbox set to "set breakpoint at main" in the connection window.

If it is not halting despite this option, then there's likely a more fundamental problem with your system. If that's the case and with that in mind; it is not required that you debug from XMD but it may be easier to track down the problem. See my response to your second post.

Best regards, Ryan Laity Xil> Hi,

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Ryan Laity

XMD connects with the microblaze hardware, either via the JTAG or serial port. It can be used in two main ways for debugging.

1- As a manual debugging interface, with commands like load, run, stop, etc.
  1. As a remote server to gdb. In this role, you start XMD and connect it to the microblaze hardware. Then, you start mb-gdb, which connects to XMD. You then do all of your debugging through the gdb interface.

Try starting XMD and mb-gdb from different xygwin shells, I remember having problems with that in the past.

Hope this is useful,


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