Need some help with understanding MDM

Hello, I am not getting a clear undertsanding of the debugging part of microblaze. I tried reading many docs. but i dont undetsand the diff. between doing executable and xmdstub.

  1. If i have a debug module in my system, how does it work to debug my code?
2.Do i still choose the xmdstub in the compiler settings???
  1. According to my understanding this xmdstub is a software code which goes at mem. loc 0x0. But then doesnt it overwrite the interrupt jump which is at 0x10???

Please share ur understanding..I am toltally confused and need to know this for my project.


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Have you read Chapter 15 of the EDK's Embedded System Tools Refernce Manual (est_rm.pdf, in the edk/docs subdirectory). Read it, then read it again!

It connects to debug ports on the microblaze core, to directly control and query the CPU. XMD connects via JTAG to the MDM, and the gdb connects to XMD. IT's all explained in the docs, there's a lovely diagram that illustrates how it fits together.

No - you just use executable mode. See the note at the bottom of page

203 of est_rm.pdf (for edk7.1). In fact, you should read pages 199-205

- it's a very clear description of what's required in your MHS, MSS files and how to use XMD.

No, xmdstub is located at about 0x100 (or maybe 0x40, not sure, haven't used it in ages). Unless you are very very tight for logic, forget about xmdstub, and use mdm. You will never go back.

Hope this helps,


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