Multiple MicroBlaze based Multiprocessor system

Hello All,

Is it possible to instantiate multiple MicroBlaze through Base System Builder in anyways, The tutorial says that "BSB does not support multi-processor systems". I want to instantiate more than one MicroBlaze communicating with each other through FSLs.

In my previous post I mentioned about the UNKNOWN Processor problem, but now that problem has been solved, and I am getting

"ERROR:MDT - MicroBlaze Pipeline Stalled executing Instruction at >>

PC: 0x00000000 Try Resetting the Processor to Continue..

While debugging my helloworld code through GNU and XMD.

I Started implementing my embedded system right from scratch i.e. chose Blank project while creating a new project.

If any one of you can suggest me something regarding instantiation of multiple MicroBlazes for creating multiprocessor system, that will be a great help to me...

Thanks and Regards, Shant Chandrakar

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BSB is intended to quickly get you to a simple working system. For this reason it can only create a single processor designs.

However, once you pass through BSB and have your "starting point", then you can use platform studio (XPS) to add multiple microblaze CPUs like any other core. Just select CPU->MicroBlaze from the IP core catalog on the left hand side of the screen, right click to add, and then connect/configure as required.

My experience says if you are doing multiprocessor designs you will be more effective if you work directly on the MHS files in a text editor - they give much better visibility and control when doing compilcated systems.



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John Williams

It is possible to add two microblaze to a system within EDK and connect them through OPB - I had this up and running for a test. Debugging is not very comfortable though. You can connect XMD to one of the processors but you always influence the other somehow (stopping only one did not work, or serial output got mixed up...)

It is not possible to instatiate a microblaze-based system two times.

- Philip

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