DDR DIMM clock distribution


I'm using Cyclone II EP2C8 in PQFP208 package and DDR DIMM. And I'm wondering how to distribute clock signal. DIMM has 6 clock signals (3 differential pairs). I figure out two solution:

  1. Use differential output PLL_OUT and split signals to three DIMM input.

  1. Use 6 general purpose FPGA IO to distribute three pairs of clock and shifted clock. (This IO pins will be single-ended not differential)

Which soulution is better and will have lower skew to other DDR signals? Or maybe do that on different way?

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In Xilinx devices it's quite common to use the DDR output registers in IOBs, to register the DDR clock in the IOB itself, and reduce skew that way. I would expect you can do the same in Cyclone but don't know for sure.

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

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