Configuration via JTAG using an Embedded Controller


I am usign the Xilinx xapp058 design to program another device on the JTAG chain. In this design I download a xsvf file over a serial link and once it's done, the processor will play the xsvf to configure the other device. The xsvf file is played successfully. However, the done pin of the device under configuration doesn't go high and the device is not starting up.

If I go to impact and read the status register of that device, I will get GHIGH = 1 meaning the configuration data is loaded correctly. And if I do a "verify", the device will then wake up and run. So it looks like I am lacking some startup instuctions in my xsvf file.

Anyone has an idea how I can solve it?

Thanks, Yan

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If 'done' is not going high, then the xsvf is NOT getting to the chip properly, which probably means that it's not being "played successfully."

Most likely you are missing the post-amble. Time to re-read the documentation.


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