Clock recovery in FPGA at 300 MHZ

Hi all,

I want to implement a clock extraction circuit from data at 300 Mbps. What i wanted to know is that is it really feasible in FPGA's( CYCLONE II).

Is any reference design available on clock extraction circiuit.

Thanks in advance

Regards, Praveen

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Hi praveen,

Altera has two reference designs for Cyclone I that do clock/data recovery at 270MHz for DVB/ASI and SDI. It may be possible to crank this up to

300MHz when using the fastest speed grade Cyclone but it's going to be tricky.

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Ben Twijnstra

Cyclone II is faster than Cyclone I, so if this is hitting 270 MHz in Cyclone I, there's a pretty good chance it'll run at 300 MHz in Cyclone II. But of course, the speed-up from Cyclone I to Cyclone II is circuit dependent, so I can't say that for sure for this particular circuit you'll get the speed boost you need -- you'll need to try and see.


Vaughn Altera [v b e t z (at)]

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Vaughn Betz

Hi Ben,

Can you give me the po> Hi praveen,

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