Quartus 5.0sp1 -- Error: Unexpected error in JTAG server -- error code 33

I figure I should finally ask about this problem that I've had with every Quartus version I've used (since pre-4.2): The built-in programmer in Quartus stops working after a few sessions -- always. Typically I get one or two successful programming done (using a Nios Dev kit, Cyclone ed) before it fails with:

Info: Started Programmer operation at Mon Jul 11 20:54:11 2005 Error: Unexpected error in JTAG server -- error code 33 Error: Operation failed Info: Ended Programmer operation at Mon Jul 11 20:54:11 2005

At this point any attempt at programming is futile and will just repeat the error above. However, closing the programmer window/tab and relaunching Tools/Programmer makes it work again for a bit. It's really kind of annoying, but googling for a solution to the problem didn't turn up anything.

While we're at it, why isn't the programmer integrated into the build instead of forcing a manual invokation?

Thanks, Tommy (fpga at numba-tu.com)

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this due the quartus tools are organized

programmer is separate application, but actual programming is done by jtagserver which again runs as separate application/process

the error 33 simple means that programmer application can not talk to jtagserver anymore, as example the jtagserver may be stalled or terminated because of internal software error.

in your case the relaunch of the progtrammer fixes the problem i would say the jtagserver died and self terminated, you can look in task manager if it is still alive

but no matter what my guess is that the error 33 is FATAL and you can not do anything excpet waiting for service pack


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