Anyone used the Xilinx' floating point core?

Hi there,

has anyone used Xilinx' floating point core with a Virtex2 Pro?

I get the same strange error in ISE the whole day and I don't know whats going wrong:

ERROR:NgdBuild:604 - logical block 'simple_multiply_1/blk00000003/blk00000005' with type 'fpmulE24mw_8ew' could not be resolved. A pin name misspelling can cause this, a missing edif or ngc file, or the misspelling of a type name. Symbol 'fpmulE24mw_8ew' is not supported in target 'virtex2p'. I read all the database articles, all basically saying that a netlist is missing.

All generated FP Core files are in the ISE project directory (also the .ngc file), the synthesize task also finds that file ("Reading core ").

I slowly start to believe that my installation of ISE is corrupt, hmm...

Thanks for any help,


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Simon Heinzle
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Try using the -u param on ngdbuild. It should at least make it to the mapper at that point. Do you have a file named fpmulIE24mw_8ew.ngc (or .edf or .edn or .ngo)? Can you determine what type of block it is by digging into the code? It should match something here if it is a built-in block:

formatting link

Otherwise, there should be code for it in one of the files Xilinx gave you for the multiplier. It's possible you did not get all the necessary files from Xilinx.

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Thanks for the push in the right direction -- there is a file "fpmul24mw_8ew.ngc" somewhere in the Coregen directory hierarchy, but the "IE" is missing. Hm, strange problem, I have to examine the installation -- perhaps something went wrong when updating.

Best, Simon

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Simon Heinzle

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