need philips ic

Anyone know where I can find a Philips IC #OQ 0049 ? It's out of a Philips pm3267 scope. Phil J

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Phil J
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Makers of scopes and other specialized electronic test gear use "house numbers" for a lot of the parts, and specialized parts are their own ICs or hybrids that nobody else made at the time. Without an internally generated cross reference, it is rather difficult to determine the industry part number if that is what was used. And if the part is one of those specialties, well, forget it unless the scope is currently made or recently obsoleted. .

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Robert Baer

pm3267 scope.

Philips has a good archive. You can try to contact Philips in the Netherlands for the part or info.

Regards, Pieter Hoeben

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Pieter Hoeben

Strangly enough, it's the only ic in the scope with no Philips part no. in the manual parts list. Fluke was no help. It's a vertical preamp chip custom made by Philips. Philips web site is useless for older equiptment. Do they even make scopes anymore? I thought maybe someone has a unrepairable scope with this ic. Phil J

Philips pm3267 scope.


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Phil J

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