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Hello.. Hopefully, someone can point to a source of connectors that HP used on their test equipment during the 70's/80's. On the front of many of their pieces of test equipment there existed a small three pin connector which would supply power to an external probe(such as an active probe for a spectrum analyzer). I am building an active probe for my network analyzer and would like to use this connector for tapping power from the analyzer. I need the female version of this connector for the probe. I feel that my chances are slim finding these, but I thought I would try anyway. If you have any suggestions as to a source, It would be appreciated.

Thanks. Jim WB5KYE

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It is likely a standard, although expensive Lemo connector.

Check out:

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and see if they still make it.

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Keyser Soze

HP (now Agilent) still uses these connectors. In fact, they are still on the latest series of PNA network analyzers. See:

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I am not sure who makes them. I would suggest writing to the Network Analyzer discussion forum. They know all sorts of info, and can probably look up the part number and see who supplies them (my guess would be Amphenol.) The NA forum is here:

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