Looking for a specific switch


I'm looking for some specific switches.

They must be: (a) Gigabit (probably 5 or 8 ports) (b) Cheap (c) Have the posibility to modify them and exploit its features. (d) Be able to get some docs on how to do this

So far broadcom doesn't provide any documentation, so these switches fail to be interesting. This included D-Link and Linksys switches. Vitesse looks like documentation is better available. It seems the SMC EZGS5 and EZGS8 have vitesse chips.

Would anyone know any good switch that I can use for this? Probably an evalution board that is not expensive would do, though I guess these are easily get expensive.

- Joris

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Joris Dobbelsteen
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Hi, I was in your situation and at the end I decided for INFINEON (Purple chip). The chip has 48 FE ports and 2 GBE ports but you can spend the FE ports as GBE. You do not need an external processor as Purple has a MIPS embedded. I have heard that Infineon is in trouble now but the Purple is worth the try. If you need info I think the best is "The Switch Book - Rich Seifert".



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