Where can I buy one Atmel AT90CAN128 in the UK?

Hello all,

Where can I get the Atmel AT90CAN128, in the TQFP package, in the UK, in small quantities (ie. one)?

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have them for eur13.49 but they only seem to deliver to Germany, with no easy method of payment (looks like cash on delivery).

Are there any UK-based suppliers who will sell in single quantities?



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You can get them at uk.digikey.com

There is a small order charge + P&P for small orders but you can buy one and get it shipped to the UK.


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Hmm - not a very /small/ charge:- Shipping charge of £12 on orders below £100 Handling charge of £10 on orders below £75

So your single £9.50p chip would cost £31.50 ... Geo

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Hmm, that does look quite pricey, and you need to add VAT to that as well.

Thanks to Iain, for the suggestion though.

Any alternatives, or is that the best option?



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out of curiosity, why are you using the AT90CAN128 and not e.g. the LPC2119 available from Digikey as well but cheaper. Here you get an

8-bit micro with 16 MHz max and one CAN interface, 4K RAM, there you get a 60 MHz 32-bit ARM CPU with 128K Flash and 16K RAM. Advantage AVR are single voltage and a wide voltage range, a couple more I/O pins and may be you have software available for it. Advantage LPC2119, 2 CAN channels, depending on the application n-times faster, n is very small for bit oriented Apps, pretty big for math stuff.

Just curious ;-)


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An Schwob in the USA

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