what is the generic ref for this Intel chip ? I need to flash it ...

I have a Cogent CSB336 with ARM920T and 8MB Flash: Intel E28F640J3

I access this board through a BDI2000 ethernet, both telnet and gdb interfaces.

the actual conf file for the BDI is:

[FLASH] WORKSPACE 0x08000000 ;workspace in target RAM for fast programming CHIPTYPE AM29BX16 ;Flash type (AM29F | AM29BX8 | AM29BX16 | I28BX8 | CHIPSIZE 0x00800000 ;The size of one flash chip in bytes (e.g. AM29F010 = BUSWIDTH 32 ;The width of the flash memory bus in bits (8 | 16 | 32)

but it fails programming the Flash ...

-1- what is the generic reference for the E28F the BDI could understand ?

-2- the bus width is really 32b for data... but the BDI seems to support only 8 and

16 ... may I encour problems due to this ?

I have contacted my local vendor, but they are on holidays atm :/

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8 and

Abatron provides a matrix of Flash chips vs. BDI Settings:

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