Wayne Green

Wayne Green publisher, all round character passed away September 13. There are few who ever encountered him or read his publications that don't have some opinion about him.

There are lots of people on this list from the 70's and 80's who will remember him and all the Peterborough antics.


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Walter Banks
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Thanks for this update. His site has some more info and memorials:

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Never say die! ;-)

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Paul Rubin

73 Wayne, Let your spirit enjoy the ether to which you so truly belong.
Paul E. Bennett IEng MIET..... 
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Paul E Bennett

Never say die, beat me to it :-). Still have some 73 magazines from the 70's in the loft. Ham Radio mag had more tech articles, but 73 was pretty good.

Worrying when people start dropping off :-)...


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