USB 2.0 Maximum performance achieable


Reading table 5-10 "High speed bulk transaction limits" and 5-5 " High-speed isochronous Transaction limits " in the USB specification

2.0, it looks like 57,344 Megabyte/s data transfer from host to device is feasible from a theoretical point of view. Now the practice, taking an EZ-USB SX2 from cypress as device and a PC with a very modern motherboard like one based on the 925X+ ICH6 + windows XP (SP2)+ no other USB devices connected as Host, what bare transfer rates can be achieved ? What is the processor load in such a case?

Further question, the ICH6 has 4 Enhanced USB controllers, could they all run 60 Megabytes/sec applications in parallel? or is there a bottleneck ?

Best Regards, Roel

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