USB 2.0 Host Ic's

Just curious what is available in terms of good USB 2.0 host Ic's I have hit google but I think Id check here first since this group is bound to have more real world experience.

Ideally Id like a chip that handles both host/device or master/slave equally well. Transfer rates will necessitate 2.0 bandwidth


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Evaluate Intel's new Quark SoC currently coming available on the Galileo evaluation board. It has both a host mode and a target mode USB port, both of which support USB 2.0 speeds (both high speed 480 Mbps and full speed 12 Mbps). The Quark is a 32-bit 400MHz x86 class processor with lots of on-board I/O features.

The Galileo board is available for pre-order at

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for deliveries projected just after the middle of this month.

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