u-boot (0.4.0) lubbock platform -> LCD howto?

I need to get the LCD thingy to work on a lubbock platform (PXA 250)

so i defined: CONFIG_LCD 1 CONFIG_SHARP_Lm8V 1 in include/configs/lubbock.h

compile&upload u-boot with this result on serial line:

[LCD] Initializing LCD frambuffer at 00000000 palette_mem_size = 0x00000200 Configuring PXA LCD vid: vl_col=640 hslen=40 lm=56 rm=56 vid: vl_row=480 vslen=20 um=8 bm=8 fbi->dmadesc_fblow = 0x4cdd0 fbi->dmadesc_fbhigh = 0x4cde0 fbi->dmadesc_palette = 0x4cdf0 fbi->dmadesc_fblow->fdadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_fbhigh->fdadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_palette->fdadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_fblow->fsadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_fbhigh->fsadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_palette->fsadr = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_fblow->ldcmd = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_fbhigh->ldcmd = 0xffffffff fbi->dmadesc_palette->ldcmd = 0xffffffff Setting GPIO for 16 bit data Enabling LCD controller FDADR0 = 0xfffffff0 FDADR1 = 0x0004cdd0 LCCR0 = 0x003008f8 LCCR1 = 0x37379e7f LCCR2 = 0x08084ddf LCCR3 = 0x0300ff01 setcolreg: reg 0 @ 0004ce00: R=00 G=00 B=00 => FFFF setcolreg: reg 1 @ 0004ce02: R=FF G=00 B=00 => FFFF setcolreg: reg 2 @ 0004ce04: R=00 G=FF B=00 => FFFF setcolreg: reg 3 @ 0004ce06: R=FF G=FF B=00 => FFFF setcolreg: reg 4 @ 0004ce08: R=00 G=00 B=FF => FFFF setcolreg: reg 5 @ 0004ce0a: R=FF G=00 B=FF => FFFF setcolreg: reg 6 @ 0004ce0c: R=00 G=FF B=FF => FFFF setcolreg: reg 14 @ 0004ce1c: R=AA G=AA B=AA => FFFF setcolreg: reg 15 @ 0004ce1e: R=FF G=FF B=FF => FFFF [LCD] Test Pattern: 640 x 480 [214 x 240] [LCD] Drawing the logo...

The LCD stays empty, is it because i have serial line enabled? I see that the lcd is configured @ adres 0x0000000 that can't be right, right?

How can I set the adres correct? Need some help here :)

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