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I currently porting a kernel on a Virtex4FX, (PPC405). I got a kernel panic during the init. My aim is to localise the source of trouble. (kernel 2.4.31 u-boot 1.1.4 gcc 3.4.6)

So i haved log all initcall adresses. (Added a printk(KERN_INFO "Initcalls : %08X", calls); in do_initcalls (main.c))

But it seems that I do not have any relationship beetween and thoses adresses. It is the first time i noticed it. I'am use to compil kernel but t is the first time i used a compressed kernel image with u-boot on a ppc. With standard image the and thoses adresses are egal ! I have also checked with a devellopped map by addind --cref -Map on the main makefile.

My question is this one : Does when i compressed with mkimage tools, this tools modify the adresses of the kernel ? Or do I haved missed something important ?

Regards Julien

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