Interrupts in U-boot

I am attempting to implement interrupt in u-boot, is there any example code. I have noticed that some of the code is implemented, however there are messages which say there is no IRQ support in u-boot.

What does this mean? What is the state of u-boot in this regard? It seems u-boot is slower than linux? Are there any reseaons an AT91RM9200 would work slower?

Clearly thats my target.

Thanks Nicholas Karsen

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Sure. See examples/timer.c

There is, at least for some architectures...

The state is that interrups have been supported for a long, long time without problems at least on PowerPC.

How would you compare this???

Did you enable caches?

BTW: chances to get answers to U-Boot related questions are MUCH better on the u-boot-users mailing list.

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