Running CE directly from RAM

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I am trying to download CE image through Serial Port to x86(80486 DX)
board.I am not making use of "CEPC Method" provided by Microsoft.I
have customized my BIOS to receive the CE OS image through serial port
and load it at desired location.
I could download the image onto Target platform(In real mode), but
systems hangs up,when i am trying to run this image.Before making FAR
JMP i am switching processor mode to Protected mode.What could be the
I have created the image using PB 2.12.How can i customize CE in PB so
that it can be run directly from RAM? Is there any special care i need
to take before compiling the OS image?
Thanking you all in advance,

Re: Running CE directly from RAM
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Try asking in microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuillder. Someone there may
have tried what you are doing.

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