POS Hardware, Cheap alternative for Verifone, Hypercom

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I need something like Hpercom T7P for one of the products I am working
http://www.hypercom.com/products/ProductList.asp?Nav56%&Nav48 %

Basically the terminal should have one magnetic card reader, a recepit
printer and modem connection to connect to server PC over telephone

I am going to run my own application and my own protocol to
communicate with the backend server PC.

Even though Hypecom can satisfy my needs fully, it is too costly for
me. We are going to need thousands of units, and paying 300$ each for
hardware of every unit is too much.

Has anyone have any experience in putting together a magnetic card
reader+ receipt printer +modem and writing code for it ?
Knows of any manufacturer who can sell just the hardware to me for
cheap. I am looking for paying around 100$ per unit. It can be a
single unit, like Hypercom T7P or i can setup MCR, recepit printer and
modem together somehow and get it working ?

Thanx in advance
 -Ambarish Gupta

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