Web server to PC serial port interface, free download

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You might remember a few weeks ago a post I made asking about
some software called "Serial Host", which allowed special HTTP
requests to send commands to an RS-232 device connected to the
PC running it.

I located some source code for a web server and wrote HTTP232,
which is available on Industrologic's web site on the "Resources"

It is actually a (very) small web server that you could use
without the RS-232 part.

With HTTP232 you can put a PC on a network with RS-232 devices
connected to it, and send them commands from a browser on
another computer on the network.

Comments welcome, especially if you find that it does not
work well in all network situations, which I am not able
to fully test. :)

Gary Peek                mailto: snipped-for-privacy@industrologic.com
Industrologic, Inc.      http://www.industrologic.com
Phone: (636) 723-4000    Fax: (636) 723-6000

Re: Web server to PC serial port interface, free download
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Thank you, I'm giving it to my mate who designs web pages, so he can
check that they download over slow links in a reasonable time! (most of
us still don't have broadband in the UK, and those who do don't always
get high speeds out of it).

And I LOVE web pages that aren't overburdened with graphics at the
expense of clarity and speed.

And I LOVE 86kb downloads!

Paul Burke

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