Re: IDE for gcc/g++

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I use KDevelop, which runs in the KDE GUI, and uses the GNU tools.  It came
with my Liux distribution.

Vadim mentioned SlickEdit.  It is cool, and I think it runs about 2 C-notes.

I don't know that either of these are particularly adapted, or adaptable to
embedded development.

- Pat
kohli at

Re: IDE for gcc/g++
Does anyone have experience with MicroCross?

Re: IDE for gcc/g++

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Yes, I don't use their IDE though, I have been using CodeWright as an IDE
for gcc for a while and I wasn't ging to change just because I started using
the tools from them. I have found their support for the compiler and
associated tools to be excellent. I have seen a demo of their IDE (based on
SlickEdit IIRC) and it looked good, just not good enough to make me want to

Stan Katz

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