olimex PIC-ICD2

After getting my feet wet with a small photovore robot, now i want to experiment some more. Previously I was using a crude programmer that i built myself, but i'd really like some debugging features.

Sparkfun has the olimex PIC-ICD2 ( a drop in replacement for the Microchip In-Circuit-Debugger 2 (ICD2)) for about $95.. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Does it work as well as they say it does?

Can I single step through assembly code? How about source level debugging?

Will it allow me to prototype faster?


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I have one and it works quite well; I use it for C source level debugging. It is a fast programmer too; about 10 sec for an entire 18F452. It's the real deal; you won't be disappointed.

I also suggest you visit sparkfun.com's forums; and I VERY highly recommend them if you choose to buy from them ( I'm a satisfied customer)

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John Harlow

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