PIC18F1320 programming

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 I am starting to develop a project based on the PIC18F1320 microcontroller,
and would like to know about cheap and/or DYI hardware and software options
to write its flash memory.


Henrique Kawakami

Re: PIC18F1320 programming
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I have used the http://www.olimex.com/dev/ Olimex PG2 programmer using
the software at http://ic-prog.com .  About as cheap as one can get.

Also, the WARP13 at http://www.newfoundelectronics.com

But, unless you are in a high production mode, the Microchip ICD2 is
probably the best investment.  Use it as a debugger and then as a

Peter H Anderson, http://www.phanderson.com

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